Make a submission to get in Domestic Driver Magazine!

Submission Deadlines:

 - Submission deadline: December 1st
 - Available around: January 1st
 - Submission deadline: February 1st
 - Available around: March 1st
 - Submission deadline: April 10th
 - Available around: May 1st
 - Submission deadline: June 1st
 - Available around: July 1st

 - Submission deadline: August 1st
 - Available around: September 1st

 - Submission deadline: October 1st
 - Available around: November 1st



Here are our submission guidelines:

> Featured Rides Checklist:

  • 10+ Pictures taken with a 3MP+ Digital Camera (Exterior, Interior, Trunk, Engine...)

  • 6-12 paragraph article written in third person.  Don't just write a history of your car try to make it interesting and different.  Write about how it handles and what the modifications have improved and whatever else you think should go in there.

  • Modifications list categorized by ( Performance / Audio & Visual / Control / Show)

  • Any extra's such as Dyno sheets, 0-60mph times, track times...


> Reader's Rides Checklist:

  • 4+ Pictures taken with a 3MP+ Digital Camera (Exterior, Interior, Trunk, Engine...)

  • 1  paragraph about your car not including modifications

  • Modifications list categorized by ( Performance / Audio & Visual / Control / Show)

  • Your location (city and state of where you live)

> How To:

Should have at least 4 pictures (taken with a 3+ MegaPixel camera) of the steps taken in the how to. Must include a complete article that give our readers a step by step guide to the final result.

> Computer Edited Photo:

 Must have at least 2 images (before and after) at a resolution of 3MP+.  Please include any tips you might have for our readers and how you made it.

> Product Review:

If you have road tested a new product then please send us as many pictures that you have and write up a full article on what you thought about it, how it performed or looked, and if you would buy it again or not. Give it a rating if you would like.

> News

If you have any inside information be sure to send it to us first! We are all about exclusive!


> Club Insider

If your mostly domestic car club would like some exposure all you have to do is send some photos of your club members cars in a group and individually with a article about the club and about each members car.

> Events

If you have attended any domestic car related event, then please send us all the pictures that you have of the event. And write up a 4-10 paragraph article on the event.  Also please include any event results.

> Wreckage

Must have at least 1 picture (taken with a 3+ MegaPixel camera) of a wrecked or severely damaged Domestic Compact.  Please include the story of  how it happened.

> Letters

To be in the Letters section Email us something about the Domestic Sport Compact Scene in general or the magazine.

> Anything else

We are always looking for new stuff to put in our magazine. Just send us your ideas.  Rally action is always good.  So is drifting, burnouts and track race pictures and information.

> Things to remember when submitting

All pictures that you send to us must be your own pictures that you took or have permission to give us. Please include who we should give credit to for the submission. You may also include your Email address so people can contact you with any questions they have. By giving us your articles and pictures you are giving us FULL rights to it.  Please keep all submissions exclusive to us until after we have printed and distributed the issue your submission is in.




Email us your submission - Click Here
Be sure to attach the Word document of your article and your high resolution pictures along with it.  If all the pictures you have won't fit in one email send multiple emails.  Just be sure to tell us that you are sending more then one email so we know other pictures are coming and to be sure we have them all.


Use our file upload tool - Click Here

You can now use our file upload tool to send your high resolution pictures.  Just be sure to email us your article right after you upload your high resolution pictures.


Email us your comments - Click Here
Ask your questions or tell us what you think of the magazine and you it could end up in a future issue of the magazine!  Only domestic car related comments please.




> DON'T - Send us a car domain or member profile link unless it's just to see if your car has any chance.  We will not however be able to tell you if your car will be in the magazine until the E-ZINE is released.

> DON'T - Resize your low resolution photos to high resolution and say that their the right quality.  Don't stretch or change your photos in any way before sending them to us.  We want the original pictures from the camera.  If you want us to edit the license plate in some way just tell us, don't try to do it yourself.

> DO - Send the original pictures unchanged attached in an email or upload it to our server using our upload tool Here.




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